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Robert Plant by Cynthia Blair "My inspiration for this painting was a classic Robert 'in concert' pose. When using a photo reference to work from, my intention is to bring more to the painting than just a likeness...I want to reflect more about the musician, their musical influences, and as individuals, how their music has affected us as a culture. For that reason, my approach to painting a musician's portrait varies greatly with each subject.

In Robert's painting, I used many elements that were rather retro, such as the sunburst behind his head, whereas the floral vine design weaving through his mic stand brings in a more current design element. The colors I used were strongly influenced by the colors used in his Band Of Joy recent CD. My thought was to tie past and present together with his strong blues, his unique style that weaves through all his music. After all, his musical legacy spans more than 5 decades! Yellow golds and reds are very strong, powerful colors that make a bold statement, and I think they really work well to showcase Robert's larger-than-life persona.

I was honored to be chosen By Delta Magazine for their cover. They were so excited to have Robert Plant headlining the Sunflower Blues & Gospel Festival with his Sensational Space Shifters in concert this past August in Clarksdale, Mississippi."
- Cynthia Blair

• This original 24x36 inch oil painting on canvas was part of the "Memories In Music in the Midlands" exhibit at the St. Paul's Gallery in 2010. The original painting as well as limited edition prints are offered for sale.

• Visit artist Cynthia Blair's bio or her website for her gallery of classic rock and current musicians.

Here's a few of Cynthia Blair's current paintings in traditional oils, mixed media and digital mediums: (hover to enlarge)
Jimmy Page   Greg Lake   Jimi Hendrix   Nikki Sixx   Syd Barrett



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