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The Fans of the Fanfare Project:

Memories in Music is so proud of the lovely fans who have committed to donate to Task Brasil's Casa Jimmy each month in honour of Jimmy Page. We'd like you to meet them, so we will be featuring them on the site. We hope they will inspire you to get involved. Our featured fan is artist Cynthia Blair from the US.


Cynthia BlairMusic has inspired me, as an artist, all my life. We had a baby grand piano that my Mother used to play daily, and I took 8 years of lessons during my grade school days. Expressing my creativity is not as strong with music as art, so when faced with many possible paths to take, I chose art.

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t listen to music as I was drawing or painting. In my early high school years, it was music like Prog Rock, Folk Rock, Rock in general, jazz and classical…I find genres confining, so, let’s just say I listened to whatever suited my mood at the time. This was during the Woodstock era, even though I was too young to go to the Festival, I had older friends that did. I remember doing a huge painting while listening to “Stairway To Heaven” and Led Zep IV, and that particular painting helped me get accepted into RISD (art school). Going to art school was a big turning point in my life, it helped me to look at the world through fresh eyes, and an unending curiosity.

So when I say that music has always been the soundtrack of my life, it has. "Where words fail, music speaks." I truly believe that. Throughout history man has used music to convey emotion that is beyond words. Is there any experience, in your life, that hasn’t been more vivid and deeply stirring because of music? Can you imagine a movie without a score?

When I started my portrait series tribute to musicians, it was with sincere appreciation for all that music has brought into my life. Each portrait has a story to tell, and hopefully I have captured some of their spirit and essence. These musicians have inspired and guided me with light and love. May their legacy live on and their music be eternal.

- Cynthia Blair                    

Music does save lives.

I invite you to visit me on my website to see a large selection of Classic and Current Rock Musicans I have drawn or painted in tribute, as well as some originals and limited edition prints in our own gift store here. I remain dedicated to working with Annie, our Memories in Music (Managing Director) for the Music Heritage Project!



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