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The December 10th Fund

A Fan Tribute in honour of Led Zeppelin

December 10th 2007 - a date that will live in the hearts of Led Zeppelin fans of forever! You didn't even have to be in the arena to experience the joy. It rippled out to every fan that admired the band. It was a very special night. I still talk about it at length to other fans, and sharing the memories is as much fun now as it was the night I walked out of the concert.

Led Zeppelin's music touched my life in a significant way, and I carry the affects of it with me to this very day. It just makes me happy. I'd like to spread that happiness, and I know other fans would too, so Memories in Music is starting a fund to do just that. If we could get every Led Zeppelin fan to donate even a small amount to this fund, we'd have a whopping amount of money to donate to a good cause in honour of the band, and spread the happiness to people who find themselves in need.

All the money in the fund for 2011 went to Guide Dogs UK to sponsor Cracker, a lovely black dog that is in training to be a guide (Visit their website here: ). We sponsored Cracker as a gift to Led Zeppelin, and the donation made celebrating the anniversary of the show even more special! We'll keep track of Cracker and post regular updates for you here.

Long live Led Zeppelin, and long live their fans!

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Comments from fans who have donated to the Dec 10th Fund:

I just donated to the December 10th Fund because I'm a Led Zeppelin fan. 'Nuff said! - Lif C. Strand

I'm donating to the Memories in Music December 10 Fund because the O2 concert itself was for charity, and this is a great opportunity to continue tying in my happy memories of the concert with the spirit of giving. Also, at the O2 concert, the whole Memories in Music concept hadn't fully taken form yet, and I want to recognize how far Annie has taken this idea over these past few years. Fantastic! -- Tom


Cracker, our Black Dog, in training to be a guide dog with funds donated by MIM fans of Led Zeppelin. Check back for updates, posted as they are received.

In the information on Cracker, we received a calendar with interesting puppy facts (which we'll post for you each month), and an album to hold pictures of Cracker. Here's the important text of the letter:

Thank you for sponsoring a guide dog puppy. With your help Cracker, could become a fully trained guide dog and make a real difference to the life of someone with sight loss. What's really exciting is that you can follow your puppy's journey - from his first tentative steps along the pavement, to the proud moment when he meets his guide dog owner. Your support could help with essentials such as food, training and vet's bills.

June 2013 Pupdate:

Cracker and JimThanks to the donations of the caring group of Led Zep fans who gave through the December 10th fund in honour of the reunion show, Cracker our 'Black Dog' guide dog has graduated and is now a fully qualified guide dog with a new owner. And the owner's name? Jim! How perfect...

News from The Guide Dog's update:

Cracker and Jim became a qualified partnership in March after only a few weeks training together. Jim lost his sight due to Multiple Sclerosis, and was registered blind in 1988. Jim had owned a guide dog previously, but went back to using a cane after losing his dog Velma. He said, "It was difficult to adjust" and says that Cracker has brought back ease and independence into his day to day life.

Jim is a member of his local working men's club with Cracker becoming their latest sign-up. "Cracker even has his own corner" Jim laughed. "It has a 'reserved' sign up ready for his visits!"

It was clear to see how well Cracker had settled into his life with Jim, and how far the partnership has come in such a short space of time. On their usual route to the local high street, Cracker sometimes tries to persuade Jim to make a trip to the bakery. Jim laughs and says it's down to his handler Jane taking him there once and he's never forgotten!Cracker in 2013

There will be one more update on Jim and Cracker in a few months time. Well done to all of you for supporting Cracker. You've made a real difference to Jim.     -Annie x

for previous updates on Cracker, please visit here.

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