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If you're a music fan, you know musicians make hard times easier, and good times better. They even make good things out of thin air! How many great concerts have you been to? How many great recordings have put a smile on your face, tears in your eyes or a sense of wonder in your heart?

We fans can make good things out of thin air too, for people in need all around the world. It doesn't take much money, just a decision to give what you can. As the Director of Memories in Music writes - "imagine what can be done with 800 people giving 50p a week? Wow. That’s fan power!" Imagine too that you can honour your favorite band or musician at the same time you put a smile on a child's face, food in a family's home, or help someone struggling with illness or addiction. All for the price of a concert ticket, a download or a cup of coffee once a month - whatever you can afford.

The idea behind Fanfare is to establish a way for you to regularly support a charity that already has the support of your favorite musician. Charities find it tremendously helpful to be able to rely on steady donations. Memories in Music will gather these regular donations through PayPal and donate them to charity in the name of your favorite musicians. UK fans can set up a standing order to be drawn from their bank. Individual donations remain private. Any amount is welcome, we ask only that you commit to giving once a month.

We encourage fans who join a Fanfare list to write what their favorite musician means to them for publication on the website, if you like. Your group can hold special events to raise funds, and we will update your Fanfare page with news of your activities as well as news from the charity.


This is fandom in a new light, fans coming together to bring light to others. Come join us!


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