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You Can Support Us By Making A Donation

We at Memories in Music volunteer our time and donate our money too, but we need help to pay the costs of running this company. If you appreciate what we do, will you consider making a donation? You can use Paypal or send us a cheque if you are in the UK. If you attend an exhibit, you can also make a cash donation.

We greatly appreciate everyone who makes a donation to allow us to continue raising money for charity.

As a music fan you can become a part of Memories in Music in many ways:

  • Loan Your Memorabilia For Display. We promise to lavish loving good care on your items with all the necessaries such as insurance, contracts, safe storage, shipping, and display facilities, and proper security while your items are displayed. We really do love your memorabilia as much as you do and will treat it like the priceless treasure it is.

  • Donate, donate, donate. If you have memorabilia that you would like to see go to a good home, we have one! Memorabilia given to Memories in Music will never be sold. Fans and charities will continually benefit - a wonderful legacy to you and to your favourite musicians! We won't take your memorabilia and shove you out the back door, because your name and your story will be there on the display. After all, you are as important as your memorabilia! If you don't have memorabilia but want to donate your time, please let us know. Our workers are all volunteers, and we need lots of talent to run the ship. Email us and tell us what you can do. We'll find you a job.

  • Sell in our Gift Shop. Do you have items you would like to sell in our Gift Shop? We are looking for creative people who would like to put their talents to use for music charity. All items sold must donate at least 20% of the sale price to the charities we support.

  • Spread The Word That is a big help. Get on your website haunts, talk to your friends, tell everyone where to find us and what we are doing. The more the merrier. You can make a difference, and when the money we raise goes to charity you'll feel great that you had a part in helping those in need.

  • Had A Light Bulb Moment? If you've got an idea for an exhibition or an event, have something you'd like to sell in our store, promote on our site, give for a charity contest or raffle, or if you have comments or suggestions, fire away! Your ideas are wanted here.

We need your help because we want to make Memories in Music a success. A success that musicians and fans can enjoy, that will pay tribute to the performers we admire, and at the same time benefit charity, as well as contribute to the history of music. As a fan, you are a big part of that history. Pick one or more from the list above and help us make an impact. It all starts with you!


Fanfare for Jimmy Page

Fanfare for Jimmy Page celebrated its second anniversary on 31 October 2011. The fans on Jimmy's list raised £767.23/$1,201.59 for charity in his honour. Fanfare is a programme for music fans to spread their love of music by helping those in need in honour of musicians they admire. Read about the programme here.


The December 10th Fund

A Fan Tribute in honour of Led Zeppelin

December 10th 2007 - a date that will live in the hearts of Led Zeppelin fans of forever! Memories in Music is starting a fund to do just that. If we could get every Led Zeppelin fan to donate even a small amount to this fund, we'd have a whopping amount of money to donate to a good cause in honour of the band, and spread the happiness to people who find themselves in need. All the money in this fund went to charity on December 10th 2011. read more about the Dec 10th Fund here

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