Music Tributes for Charity

We are music fans who have a passion for music and a heart for charity. We feel one of the best ways to thank musicians who have inspired us is to raise money for good causes in their honour. Our events and activities combine music and charity giving.

Memories in Music is a special type of company called a Community Interest Company (C.I.C.). A C.I.C. is a company with special features enabling us to run our business for the benefit of others and not solely for personal gain. We were granted C.I.C. status in January 2009 to benefit the community of music fans and musicians' charities. Our assets are 'locked' and our activities are monitored so that they may only be used for these purposes. Have a look at the Community Interest Company website to learn more:

what we do

We Stage Events and Exhibits

We stage public viewings of music memorabilia, and create other fund raising events for charities that are supported by musicians. On our Events pages you can see photos and read about our previous fund-raising events.

how we do it

Memories in Music is planning the creation of a music heritage building that will hold the memorabilia of UK musicians of all genres, and also provide a music archive to include visual arts, photographs, sound and film footage, library and a music education facility.

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