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40th Anniversary Fan Tribute to Led Zeppelin 1968-2008

A year in the making, this exciting event brought together Led Zeppelin fans from all over the world who took part in helping to create a tribute to the band whose music has greatly inspired millions of people since they formed in 1968.

The event, entitled "Memories in Music '68-'08" was held in the family library of Knebworth House in Hertfordshire England, the site of Led Zeppelin's last UK concerts in 1979. The tribute ran for an entire month, the Knebworth Family Land Trust generously donating the use of the library where the exhibit stood. Memorabilia collectors from several countries loaned items of Led Zeppelin memorabilia they had collected over the years and an amazing display was built for fans to enjoy as they celebrated the occasion. Among the items on display were rare tickets, programmes, posters, handbills, signed albums, photographs, magazines, gold records, rare 45's, badges, patches, t-shirts, a jacket worn by John Bonham with the Knebworth Guest Artist pass still attached, and a framed Led Zeppelin IV print signed by Jimmy Page and loaned by the St. Paul's Gallery.


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Celebrities also contributed to the event. The amazing rock photographer Frank Melfi wrote an article for the event's programme as well as donating a selection of his fabulous Zeppelin photos to raise money for charity. Terry Buckley, a world renown bookbinder donated 15 handmade CD boxes to raise funds. Andy Giles, former rock journalist donated all his talents to write for the programme and to do all the publicity.

The contest which ran at the House and on the web, was entered by fans from as far away as Japan, all having to answer two Led Zep trivia questions to win one of the two prizes - a Meridian F80 entertainment system donated by Meridian Audio Ltd., and a painting of the band in 1968, donated by local artist Jon Ellinor of Activ Portraits. Jimmy Page signed both contest prizes, which was such a nice thing for him to do. Coming to look at the prizes he signed was a draw to fans in itself!

The night before the event opened to the public, those who helped create the exhibit and their guests came to a reception party in the House, also kindly donated by Knebworth. A great time was had by all and many new friendships were made that evening.


The most important part of the evening, and of the whole event, was focused on the work of Action for Brazil's Children, beneficiary of the funds raised. Andrew Webb and Fatima Luna of the ABC Trust were on hand to show a film highlighting the very important work they do and to answer questions posed by the guests. As Jimmy Page is a founding patron of the ABC, Memories in Music is so pleased we were able to raise funds for a work with which he is involved because he and his band gave us so much joy over the years. It's great to be able to give some of that joy back through a cause that is significant to him. It was only possible through the help of generous sponsors and fans.

The Memorabilia Collectors:

Ian Avey, Ian Baker, Chad Buice, Simon Cadman, Randy Chandler, Alan Cousins, Stan Dench, Mark Harrison, Cliff Hilliard, Caz Kay, Bob Kelley, Ted Kempf, Tom Leahy, Eddie Lombardi, Alexandra Noletti, Frank Reddon, Sean Scannell, Paul Stephens, Nestor Tytla, Trev Wilkins.

Thank you for unselfishly loaning your treasures to help the children of Brazil, and for all of us to enjoy.


Contributors to this Event:

Andy Giles & Associates, publicity   Terry Buckley, bookbinder   Meridian Audio   Jon Ellinor, artist   For Badge Holders Only, The Led Zeppelin Mailing list. A very big thank you to Nech for all his help and support!   Peter Dobson, printer   The UK Rock Shop   Frank Melfi, photographer

This marked the beginning of Memories in Music C.I.C. We are thrilled to carry on supporting charities through our activities. We hope to see your picture here in the archives of our next event!

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