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Still Changing Lives 30 Years On

by Annie Hollinshead

I had the privilege of staging an exhibit at Knebworth House last year as a tribute to my favourite musician, Jimmy Page, and to the band with which he made music history, Led Zeppelin. I was on hand every weekend at the exhibit to tell the fans that came to see it about the items on display. The people I met at that exhibit were wonderful and the ones that had been able to attend the actual show in '79 still had a glow about them and an excited sparkle in their eyes as they recounted to me the stories of how special that concert was. For some of them, attending it had changed their lives. I met a couple of Led Zep fans who married shortly after meeting at Knebworth, another couple who started a business together based on their mutual love of the music of Led Zeppelin, fans who told me that they were able to carry on through painful situations because they were so inspired by watching Zeppelin perform that summer evening, and many others who made me smile with the happiness of being present in that field - a happiness that still lingers 30 years later.

It was to be Led Zeppelin's last performance in the UK with the four original members, but the influence Jimmy, Robert, John Paul, and John Bonham had on their fans left a very special mark on those who witnessed that last show. I wasn’t there in '79, but just standing in the field where they had played made me feel a connection to them and their fans all those years ago. I could hear the fans singing, "You'll Never Walk Alone" to the band, and see them holding up matches as a tribute to the men they shared this last special journey with. When I was finally able to view footage of the performance, the band was no more, and because of that, the concert held a very special and significant place in my heart and it changed my life too. It made me more determined to do what they had done, to use my abilities to make the world a happier place, and to do it now because you never know what is in the future.

Here on the website we've published some exclusive memories of Knebworth 1979, and after our company launch party takes place on August 11th, the date of that last special Zeppelin performance in England, we will have more Knebworth memories to share, so be sure you check back then! While we remember how that day changed lives 30 years ago, let's be inspired to change the lives of those in need today. This is a way you can truly honour musicians you admire, whoever they are, and say that you have done something for them in return for what their music gave you. Music still changes lives, and you can too.

Knebworth '79 Memories:

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