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Michelle Pullen of Macmillan Cancer Support

Macmillan Cancer Support is an amazing national charity that works to help people coping with cancer in their lives. I went along to the Cambridge office to meet Michelle and the team, and to find out more about the ways Macmillan can help improve the lives of people all over the UK who are affected by cancer. Currently that is two million people. Although it is something none of us wants to face, cancer will affect one in three of us. If that time comes, Macmillan have a whole range of support they can offer to those with cancer as well as their loved ones. Memories in Music is pleased to support Macmillan with our company activities.

The Macmillan Cambridge office is located right in the middle of the city above the Cambridge Building Society. The offices are small, but so busy! When I was there Michelle was working alongside Sarah Jones and Jennifer Harding taking phone calls, opening mail, handling donation boxes - there were posters and flyers covering the walls and tables, it was obviously a hive of activity. I settled in with a lovely cup of coffee and asked Michelle how she got involved with Macmillan. "I always wanted to work in a charity. While I was at Loughborough University I was involved in "RAG" (raising and giving) which raised money for different charities. While I was there £600,000 was raised in one year for good causes, and one year our Hall of Residence was awarded the Most Improved Hall for fund-raising."

Sadly, Michelle's nan passed away from cancer, and she had been looked after by a Macmillan Nurse. "When the job came up in Cambridge I was pleased to take it, being local to the area." Michelle finished university in July 2007, and came to work with Macmillan in September that same year.

In such a busy office, the staff duties vary from general office work to going out and putting together fund-raisers. Michelle says that there are many ways they try and get support and interest among the community. They organise events, seek sponsorship from corporations, groups and associations, work with local government, and work on publicity to spread the word about their campaigns. It is clear to see that they can use as much help as they can get to accomplish all this, especially in the current economic situation. No matter what is going on in the economy, people with cancer need help, and so the work goes on.

It's a great advantage for Memories in Music to be able to stage events anywhere in the UK and support Macmillan nationally as well as locally. Our next event in the Midlands will support Macmillan in the Midlands area, right where the event contributors can see the benefits to their community. While listening to Michelle talk about all the things they do, I was very happy to be in a position with my company to be able to take some of the responsibilities and lend a hand. Michelle says people are great helping out. "Macmillan is a large national charity, and we have teams in each county to support events. People call in with ideas and because they have a team nearby it becomes like a family." The family has certainly had some very interesting ideas. One fund-raiser agreed to change his name by deed pole to something rather wild if he reached his target amount; one young man was staging 'The World's Longest Football Game' attempting to play for 40 hours, and there were even offers to hold a naturist coffee morning and a sponsored tattoo! Michelle laughed and said, "It's always exciting working with Macmillan. You never know who you are going to meet."

- Annie Hollinshead


Memories in Music is pleased to become a supporter of Macmillan Cancer Support. For more information on the work of Macmillan visit the website:

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