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We want everything we do at Memories in Music to make people feel proud to be a part of our company's activities, including the musicians. All our events, blog posts, and activities take into account the personal feelings of the musicians and that of their friends and families, so as not to hurt or embarrass them. Memories in Music is committed to maintaining a high standard, and these two words are most important to us:

Tribute - something given, done, or said as a mark of respect or admiration; something that shows the merits of a particular quality of a person. We respect the musicians we discuss here and will be very careful about the content of the stories, photographs, or items of memorabilia we use. All submissions to our site and to events must pay a genuine tribute to them and their musical achievements.

Charity - Provision of help or relief to the poor; alms giving; something given to help the needy; benevolence or generosity toward others or toward humanity. Memories in Music is set up to help charitable works and not purely for personal gain. We are very happy if you benefit by volunteering with us, but the primary mission is to benefit others, so an appropriate portion of anything sold in the store, at events or promoted by Memories in Music must benefit charity.

All our associations and activities will be done with tribute and charity in mind. If you need further clarification, email us with your questions. email:

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