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Memories in Music presents:

The Music Heritage Project

A unique building to house the memories and memorabilia of UK musicians and those of their fans. Museum quality, it will hold instruments, stage clothes, awards, sound recordings, photographs, concert tickets, posters, programmes; items that represent the musical journey of those who inspired generations of fans. The Music Heritage Project seeks to help preserve the legacy of the artists for the nation, to serve as a lasting and fitting tribute.

The Music Heritage Project - Purpose

  • Promote and preserve the legacy of UK musicians.
  • Ensure the legacy of musicians not necessarily widely known who contributed much to music.
  • Advance the wide variety of music performed by UK artists.
  • Support charities as a non-profit social enterprise.
  • Celebrate music, past and present, with exhibits, live performances, educational publications, travelling exhibits and events.
  • Showcase the music of other countries.
  • Highlight various aspects of the UK music industry - promoters, photographers, record labels, managers, visual artists, studios, important/historic venues, etc.

The Music Heritage Project - Location

A location in Central England to make it easily assessable from all areas of the country and to extend the benefits of a project of this nature beyond the capitol.

The Music Heritage Project - Founding Patron

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Will you help? Get involved and benefit charity. To help create The Music Heritage Project, please contact the Director of Memories in Music, Annie Hollinshead.

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