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Press Release: August 4, 2010

Memories in Music IN THE MIDLANDS Charity Event Gaining Momentum as Support Swells The Midlands Re-Awakens its Rich Musical Heritage to Benefit Macmillan Cancer Support and Task Brasil

From 18th September until 17th October this year, Memories in Music C.I.C. (Community Interest Company) is staging an event of nostalgic memories and memorabilia representing and celebrating a history of popular, rock and blues based music in the Midlands area.

The event will be held at St Pauls Gallery in Birmingham and the proceeds of the event will benefit Macmillan Cancer Support, the widely admired organisation selflessly dedicated to improving the lives of people affected by cancer and Task Brasil, a charity aiming to recover the lives and support the needs of abandoned children living on the streets of Brazil.

So far, many memorable names associated with the Midlands recent rich musical heritage have offered support and participation, including Blaze Bayley, Steve Gibbons, Dave Pegg, Ric Sanders, Trevor Burton, Carl Palmer, Steve Winwood, Hartley Cain, Ray Froggatt, Deborah Bonham, the late John Bonham (by means of Deborah Bonham), Jem Brent, Toyah Wilcox, Joe Dignam, Albert Lee, Nick Mason, Mike Sanchez, Theo Travis, Clifford T Ward (by means of his official fan club), The Marquee Club, Judas Priest and Bev Bevan. These will be contributing photographs, gold and platinum records, stage clothing, and instruments from their personal collections. The event is destined to be of huge interest, not only to fans of the participating artistes and their bands, but also to music lovers in the wide Midlands area.

In addition to the items on display, there will be rarities like Steve Winwood’s personal photographs collection, Fairport Convention’s instruments and Deb Bonham’s stage clothes and photos. Bev Bevan is loaning a drum head, his Out of The Blue tour jacket and Gold Albums, Blaze Bayley is loaning some of his stage clothes and Mike Sanchez is loaning his first electric piano, together with photos of him playing with the likes of Paul McCartney. Trevor Burton is loaning stage clothes from The Move, together with photographs and Judas Priest is loaning Gold/Platinum Albums to the event. Toyah Wilcox has donated a signed CD and backstage pass for display and subsequent use in a competition for the charity fundraising. And – as a neat bonus, the representatives of London’s The Marquee Club are to allow items from their archive to be on display at Memories in Music IN THE MIDLANDS.

Memories in Music is still looking for fans, journalists, musicians and interested members of the public to contribute to the event. For details of how to do this and help raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support and Task Brasil visit: Memories In Music : Current Events

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