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The pages here will contain an archive of fan's memories of meeting music stars, working with them, or attending concerts or events. Please write to us with your memories and we will post them here for other fans to share and enjoy the memory with you. We can't wait to read all about it!


Please take a moment to read our Mission section to understand the type of memories, photographs, and memorabilia Memories in Music will be pleased to document, then send your items today and be part of music history through Memories in Music!

Fan's Stories

Note: Submissions to this website may not be reproduced without permission.

Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page, the new deluxe edition by Annie Hollinshead
Tom Jones Concert, October 9, 2009, Cardiff by Dragonlady
Fan Memories: We were there! by Steve Blewitt and Ian Avey
Fairport Convention's Dave Pegg: His memories of Knebworth '79
Rolling Stones, July 5, 1969 Hyde Park, London by Peter Hunt
A Gift for Jimmy Page by Annie Hollinshead
Alan Parsons Charity Project by Dave Titus
Meeting Led Zeppelin by Caz Kay
Cathy Kelty's story of her recent trip April 2009 to the Induction Ceremony of the Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame
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