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Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page: the pictorial history of his life in music published by Genesis.

by Annie Hollinshead

It's maybe not really worth me writing this because if you know me, you will already know what I think: IT'S BRILLIANT! It really is. If you are a fan of Jimmy's I can't imagine you'd be disappointed by it. Although I have seen most of the photos before at one stage or another, having the photos in such a beautiful volume, chosen by Jimmy as the ones he wants us to have and with his comments is priceless. He's got a lovely dry sense of humour, and I seriously laughed out loud reading some of the things he said. He's fascinating, and he has never failed to make me happy since the day I heard him playing on the stereo. The more I found out about him, the more I appreciated him. I'm so pleased that he chose to share something like this with his fans. It's very special to know more about the man who has inspired me since I was a little girl.

I know it cost a lot, but I like that about it too. There is no reason why everything has to be cheaply churned out so every one can easily afford it. I can't afford a lot of things I'd love to have, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate them anyway. There are a lot of things out there you can afford of Jimmy - the music being the most important anyway!

The book arrived very well protected, and I kept everything so it could be repackaged if I move or something. But it's going to take pride of place on a table in my office and I am going to spend a lot of happy hours enjoying it. I'm not one of those that will handle it with white gloves and feel scared to touch it. No way! There's no need for that in my eyes. With reasonable care it should last a long, long time. Having had a book similar to this made I know about the process, so I won't be overly fussy. When I received mine I cracked the binding and had a great time with it. No doubt by the end of my life it will have that gorgeous 'well-loved' look.

The version sent to me was in a lovely drawstring bag with gold-printed letters on the front "Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page." Once out of that, the presentation box was very familiar to me - it was done in the same style as the book I had made for Jimmy. I am glad he chose that design too. I liked it a lot because it has a great action to it, it's easy to get in and out of the box and it really does protect the book without damaging it with repeated use. His name embossed in gold and the inlaid photo is super classy. Opening the box, you get the lovely smell of the leather, and his symbol in gold embossed on the front of the book, his name on the binding. I also liked having the number of my book printed with his signature on a page inside. I'm just amazed... having one of just 350 in the world is a huge honour. I'll be happy to display the book at a Memories in Music Exhibit of the future!

Favourite pictures... well, Jimmy as a choir boy is breath taking. I always loved the shots of him working in his studios too. I am really over the moon that he included my favourite photo, one of him sitting in a peacock chair at his Pangbourne house. My friend, who owned a record shop, had a copy of it hanging in his shop and I was captivated by it. I had never experienced a man like Jimmy, being surrounded as I was by gruff men in a colourless life. Jimmy, with his lovely clothes, long hair, surrounded by art, music, and his beautiful house by the water....well, he completely enchanted me. He made me believe that life was beautiful and made me look at things in a new way. I appreciated him and learned a lot of things reading about what he liked and listening to his music. Every picture in this book takes me somewhere, and because I was so plugged into his music, I can recall where I was in my own life turning the pages of this book. I really, really love it.

I am very grateful to Jimmy for once again sharing his life with us. I think it is so brave. It's hard to put yourself out there because you just know that you will get ripped to shreds by some no matter what you do. From me Jimmy gets nothing but praise for this project. It's amazing, just like him. This is a special treasure and I will be eternally grateful to own one. Dreams... they really do come true!

Annie x

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